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I'm Bal. This is a terrible place. Nowadays I blog almost exclusively JJBA shit. I also like to talk to people. Humans are great.


So I just imagine like

Snake and Otacon hanging around the Nomad, and one day Snake just turns to Hal and tells him a cheesy joke.

Otacon just stares at him, at first not realizing it was Snake actually making an attempt at humor… so Snake repeats the punchline, and there’s a heavy silence before Otacon finally gets it, then bursts into laughter for over half a minute— not because the joke was any good but because Snake’s delivery was just that terrible.


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i forget where it is but that post about zev w. a bun & croptop has been on my mind all day

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Dragon Age - ZEVRAN

Yes I bought DA from the Steam sale.


zevran wearing various kinds of sunglasses is now a Thing

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" painted elf? oh that’s me! "


Propositioning the Warden for a better job.


being attracted to ur own character


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Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
2014 AW Coat collection


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