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I'm Bal. This is a terrible place. Nowadays I blog almost exclusively JJBA shit. I also like to talk to people. Humans are great.

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I’m on a jojo spree ASKDFLASDFKLASDF I finally get to draw!! … so what did i draw? jojo of course because of the new season I AM REREADING ALL THE JOJOS AAAAAAAAH. My friend requested narancia so… yeh here you go baby <33333  I hope you like it >A<!!!! sorry no sparkles!

Gio, caesar and jousuke were doodles I drew  on iscribble today after my exam ;;; My internet kept crapping out on me so I didn’t finish alot of them;;; ahhhh asdfaksdfalsdf I want to sleep uvu;;; soooonnn


Sakura-Con photos Part 3 aka The JoJo’s post.

See more pictures here.

Narancia:  silencedrowns

Kira:  xtakozx

oh my god all of y’all are beautiful

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The beginning of Part 5 was bizarre

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height difference parings where the taller one is bashful and blushy and the smaller one is smirky and overconfident image

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honk if you like ace attorney

[smashes fist through steering wheel and veers off street]

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Uuugh Hanyaan why are you so fucking good. Amazing cosplay from my favorite comic series! 

Death: Hanyaan (silencedrowns)

Thank you SO MUCH omg! (Don’t mind me I was just in the silencedrowns tag.) Sandman is still my favorite American comic series EVER and I’m so glad people still like this costume ;_; It’s also where I taught myself how to body paint; being white isn’t super easy!


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My stickers are finally here! Took some pictures of them with my JoJo SASs :D


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