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I'm Bal. This is a terrible place. Nowadays I blog almost exclusively JJBA shit. I also like to talk to people. Humans are great.


step 1: think about the quote “don’t go where i can’t follow” in relation to your otp

step 2: feel sad

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it escalates and one time Owain gets a call from Lissa saying "explain your facebook page sweetie" and he's all "what" and logs on and finds Inigo's latest snapchat is of him holding up a pair of underwear with the caption "the hero leaves and comes back alone" and Owain is like 'the fuck is a pair of my underwear doing at Inigo's hoOH FCUK"

oh my god KAKKO you are MURDERING ME

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inigo and owain having snapchat wars where they take pictures of the other one's things and add scathing commentary--it starts with inigo posting a picture of owain's diary and saying 'my geeky vibe sensors are tingling'

oh no oH NO


Newest comic collab with Sarah Andersen (Doodle Time)!

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jjba part 5 highschool student ver………with glasses (I love glasses:P)

oh my god


these two dorks are my favorite support and I just want them to take each other out on “I can do anything better than you” dates






lets not use you as a reference joker

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“Master of dimensions… Pleaser of crowds… I am… Dimentio!”

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~Model: Bluebot Cosplay (Me!)

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