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さよんるさんの絵はほとんど憂鬱な暗い気分があるんですけど…元々「Sleep well」はねー、ちょっとハッピーで可愛いな気がするのに…かなり珍しいわ!だが私はカラーで直したぜ( ´,_ノ` )y━・~~~~
Sayonloo x Jianibear collab collection!
It’s seriously dark… Sayonloo’s art is usually really dark (love that part of it ww) but one picture she drew was very cute and happy!! But with color, I fixed this.
In the end, all dark \(^o^)/ yeaaaah!

And here we have Magi and JoJo in the same photoset. yes, very good very good

i think ja’far in big sweaters might be my new favorite thing.

(also that’s totally a sweater my friend’s OC wears all the time HEY AIMEE HEYYYY )

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Good night my dearest King.

oh fuck OW right in the heart

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Arabian Husbands. I started drawing this picture a while ago, and just finished it today. That tends to happen a lot. 

I should work with colored pencils more…but first, I need to invest in a pencil sharpener.

this is my contribution to the magi fandom I’M EXCITED FOR THIS SUNDAY……


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