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[Because imagining what happens after Sekigahara is fun. For this one, I’m snagging lots of things from the Sekigahara part of Ieyasu’s Wikipedia article. Clothes designed based on this portrait of him. Will design armor version later OvO„]

Seii Taishogun!Ieyasu:

Having defeated Mitsunari during the Sekigahara Campaign, Ieyasu had set out to hunt down many of the other samurai and nobles from the side of the Western Army, in order to unify the lands and establish power.
He gained the title of Seii Taishogun after succeeding, becoming the ruler of Japan and setting up the Tokugawa Shogunate, finally achieving the peace that he had always dreamt of.

Having worked so hard for it, and for having been forced to kill so many people including his close friend Mitsunari and his rival Sanada Yukimura, Ieyasu swore that he would make sure this peace stays, to make up for everything.

But even then, he was always haunted by the past and felt guilty, making him always tense and too careful, afraid of breaking his oath. Soon he was paranoid enough to attack even his own allies the moment there was the slightest report of a suspicious movement. Despite the war having ended, more lords were killed in the name of safety precautions.

Ieyasu’s vassals were scared of what would happen in future. But no one daring enough to start a rebellion for fear of its effects, they decided to turn to the Date for help, Masamune being good friends with Ieyasu after fighting together in Sekigahara.

- By this time, Ieyasu was close enough to Masamune to call him by his name instead of his title.
- But he always refused to listen when Masamune told him to stop his attacks on the other clans. So the latter decided to try find some other way around it.


Just doodling more of that post, fixing up a bit and adding some more design details OuO. Also, I feel like writing some stuff about this so here goes~

Imagawa AU. This is supposed to go one set with Takechiyo’s design because we were talking about it that way, so it’s Ieyasu and little bro!Takechiyo in this AU =u=„

(for the following, I picked up lots of things from Wikipedia >u>;;;)
Timeline-wise, it’s Takechiyo’s hostage period—the time just before Nobunaga killed off Yoshimoto.
At that time, when they were very young, Ieyasu and Takechiyo were sent as hostages to the Imagawa so their father and the Matsudaira Clan can form an alliance with Yoshimoto.
Although hostages, Yoshimoto took care of both of them and taught them various things like war strategies and how to fight. (He wouldn’t admit it, but he was starting to see them as his own kids <x’D)
Ieyasu and Takechiyo were made Yoshimoto’s retainers afterwards. So they spend their days defending Imagawa territory together, sometimes wondering about when the war would end and longing to return to their own clan.

- Yoshimoto tends to spoil the two of them. It was actually a strategy to make sure that they keep depending on him for things (source), but well… They’re well-treated even as hostages OuO„
- Ieyasu is protective over Takechiyo. He won’t let anyone touch or say bad things about his little bro XD [It’s said that some people at the Imagawa look at them funny because “those are the hostages of Mikawa”… oAo (source)]
- Ieyasu and Takechiyo are actually quite grateful to Yoshimoto for teaching them things. The three has good relations ^^ [This source says that even long after Yoshimoto died, Ieyasu will stop by and pray for him whenever he happens to pass by his grave. So the writer thinks that somewhere, he must have felt grateful :)]

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